Three steps to choose paper cups

There are three precautions when choosing a paper cup. We must first look, then smell, and finally pinch.



The paper cups are the same as the foods we eat every day, and the corresponding logo information is printed on the packaging. When choosing a paper cup, first check whether the information on the package is complete. At the same time, look at the color of the whole cup body, and try to avoid paper cups that are too white or have variegated colors.

The printing ink on the outer wall of disposable paper cups is not allowed to have a peculiar smell within the scope of national law.

Put a better quality paper cup and a poor quality paper cup in your hands separately. A good quality paper cup is firmer and more flexible than a poor quality paper cup. Before buying a paper cup, you can gently pinch the test paper cup and try to choose a cup with a thicker texture.

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