Sometimes GUIDE PEOPLE ONLINE You Just Have To Let It Go.

It's not that I'm camera shy, my time will come, just not yet.

Sometimes, you just have to let it go is a phrase that quite often relates to 'timing'. Due to the current world situation, many of us are finding that our hands are being forced. This is no bad thing.

On a personal note, this has been the case, without 'notorious' delivery weekends. They are no more and will never be the same again. Sad ? Not really, they were a pain and yet a necessary part of our business. Now we have to change.

It means that our focus is now on the online sales (which is as it should have been a while back, in my humble opinion) and more on the 'team building' side of things. Both of these have far more potential.

So, we change and adapt or we stagnate and fall back. Still, that's not what this post is about. It's more to do with Site Comments. Wait, don't go all quiet on me, it's not a moan, as such. It's more a statement of intent, moving forward.

I have been a 'Commentator' for over a year and have pretty much enjoyed it. I have learned a great deal from other members sites and earned just over $90 in the process. My aim was to have made enough to pay for the next annual membership fee.

This would have been possible had it not been for the current situation, as it seems to have had an effect on the amount of cash available when leaving comments. This has been mentioned in a couple of posts.

Best case scenario is that you manage to leave four or five comments a day and maybe earn a dollar or slightly more. Do that for a year and you've paid for your membership. A nice little 'aside' if all goes well.

In truth though, it takes me over an hour to leave four comments and I now find myself in the position of needing that hour for something else. As we are all aware, time is at a premium. It's a commodity that needs to be traded wisely.