Air conditioner is a commonly used equipment for cooling

It is very hot in summer. Air conditioner is a device commonly used for cooling in the family.



It is very hot in summer. Air conditioner is a device commonly used for cooling in the family. The cooling effect is relatively good. The temperature can be adjusted by remote control to keep the room at a suitable temperature all the time. However, if you use the house for a long time, you will find that the cooling effect is not as good as before. Next, let's analyze how the slow cooling of the packaged terminal air conditioner should be solved.

1. Lack of refrigerant: After using the inverter air conditioner for a period of time, it is found that the refrigeration is particularly slow, and the effect is not very good. Then we must first consider whether it is caused by insufficient refrigerant? In such cases, we can detect that the refrigerant is leaking. Or, there is something wrong with the machine itself.

2. Insufficient power: If the area of ​​the room is relatively large, and the power of the inverter air conditioner purchased is relatively small, there will be a mismatch or the sealing of the room cannot be done properly, or other conditions will easily affect the cooling effect. . In this case, it is necessary to purchase a matching inverter air conditioner according to the size of the area.

3. On-time cleaning: the air-conditioning unit and outdoor unit of the inverter air conditioner will be exposed to the outside during long-term use. A large amount of dust and other dirt will be contaminated on the filter and heat sink, which will affect the cooling effect , Then the cooling effect will be affected accordingly, so regular cleaning is required.

The above analysis of several reasons why the cooling effect of the inverter air conditioner is slow. If this situation occurs in the inverter air conditioner at home, you can check it according to the above method. Perhaps if you find the cause, you can have a solution. If the cooling effect of the internal parts of the machine is not ideal, please do not disassemble the machine to repair it, because the links inside are more complicated, and non-professionals should not take the risk to prevent them from being restored.

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