How To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains From Teeth At Home?

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Ever wondered what is the secret to confident smile? There might be a lot of things, but white, spotless teeth brightens the smile. With wide range of products formulated after extensive research, it is now easy to whiten teeth from home. Purchase the whitening product, follow instructions and you are all set.

Natural Whitening Teeth Product and Formulation

The teeth become yellow with gradual removal of the enamel layers. The accumulation of toxins even lead to bad oral hygiene. The intake of regular beverages leads to staining and creates spots on our white teeth. One of the excellent natural products is activated charcoal.

The activated charcoal is used since time immemorial as whitening agent. Charcoal is formulated in form of gel or toothpaste and helps in easy removal of the stains. As soon as activated charcoal is rubbed over teeth, the pores absorb the toxins and stains and help to get white teeth.

Whitening Strips for Advanced Teeth Whitening

The 3D whitening strips are designed and developed with advanced GripFit Technology. It is flexible enough to stretch along the length of the teeth. It helps in attaining whiter teeth in just 3 to 4 days with application every day only for 30 minutes.

  • The Crest whitening strips helps with safe and efficient bleaching effect. It is formulated with hydrogen peroxide which is safe for use.
  • The GripFit technology helps in stronger grip of the strips on the teeth. The strips do not come off easily on application.
  • They are suitable for use on sensitive and all types of teeth. The strips offers advanced protection from future staining and remove tough stains from years.
  • The strips are available in package of mostly 20 strips. The instruction for use is written on the packet making it convenient for use.

Affordable Teeth Whitening at Home

The process of whitening teeth in dental clinic is expensive and time consuming. The whitening kits are effective to white teeth and provide advanced protection. The kits and products are available online at affordable rates and it can be used at convenience of home. The products are handy and portable.

With products and amazing tooth whitening offers online, it is best to purchase the products and use at home. The toothpaste and gel is perfect for regular use. Most of the toothpaste has micro-crystals which exfoliate the stains and spots. Get teeth whitening products for home use and get rid of yellowing and stains.


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