From the late slate of games, the Packers got the top seed in the NFC

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From the late slate of games, the Packers got the top seed in the NFC by ruining Chicago 35-16. Even though the Bears lost, they managed to Mut 21 coins backdoor their way into the postseason and that's since the Cardinals also lost.

From the AFC South, the branch wasn't determined until Titans kicker Sam Sloman hit a 37-yard field goal off the upright with no time left to clinch a 41-38 win.

With that in mind, let us check out how finalized playoff seedings that became official after Washington beat Philadelphia on Sunday night.All that the Packers have to do to lock up the top seed in the NFC was overcome the Bears, and no one is better at beating the Bears than Aaron Rodgers. The Packers quarterback had a huge game with 240 yards and four touchdowns as Green Bay rolled to the win. The Packers can't play the Saints or the Seahawks in the divisional round, however they could wind up facing any other playoff team in the NFC.Madden NFL 21 Mobile takes things to a new level

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