Acquiring A Real Estate License: Online Vs In Person

One of the first decisions you'll need to make for yourself if you're considering obtaining a real estate license is how you want to complete your pre-licensing courses

Previously, you had to attend a number of in-person sessions, but more and more people are choosing to do their real estate pre-license coursework online.In fact, it's estimated that by 2027, 57 million people will be using online learning platforms.

What the hell does anyone care about what those other people are doing? Which choice suits you the best? Although there are a few things to take into account, we believe that for most people, online learning is the superior choice.
Let's talk about it!

Will It Aid in Your Exam Passing?

Naturally, you want to learn the ins and outs of the field during your pre-licensing course, but passing the state licensing test is the primary objective of pre-licensing study.
The course you select should help you pass your test on the first try.

Furthermore, despite the fact that every student learns differently, a research indicated that pupils who learn online retain 25% to 60% more knowledge than those who learn in a classroom.
As a matter of fact, online learning was rated as equally or better than classroom instruction by 77% of academic leaders. Why? There are several causes.

Engaging Education

Lectures are the norm in most in-person classes, with the possibility of a Q&A at the end.
Passive learning of such type is less likely to remain in your long-term memory.

You have to participate in interactivities all the time when taking online courses. These serve you reinforce what you're learning and keep your mind active. To make sure you're understanding the material, they frequently incorporate knowledge tests along the route.
This allows you to target your study efforts in the areas of the course where you are having difficulty, acting as a sort of early warning system.

You can always go back and study anything you're unclear on in an online course, too.

Because online classes are formatted differently, you can easily find the topics you need to study without having to watch a two-hour lecture video. Furthermore, the majority of online courses contain additional resources and tools to help you study.

At Your Own Speed

You may learn at your own speed while using internet resources.
When they can truly focus and get into a flow, some people study best when they set aside a significant amount of time. Some people learn best in smaller doses, or they study one day and review the next. In an Aceable poll, 84% of participants stated that they favored online learning because it gave them the opportunity to pause and pose questions as they went along.

In a classroom, you must adhere to your teacher's recommended style of imparting knowledge. You control your own schedule while taking an online course.

Get it done faster.

A research discovered that online learning takes 40% to 60% less time than traditional classroom instruction.
Online courses provide you with all you need to achieve without wasting time in a classroom.

When lessons are designed with a set amount of time for the instructor to fill, they will fill it regardless of whether they are providing you with important material.

With an online course, you will only receive knowledge that is relevant to you, and you may take as much or as little time as you need to understand it. According to Aceable's poll, 80% of respondents preferred online learning since they could determine their own pace.

If you're driven to finish your real estate courses fast, you can usually finish them in a matter of weeks rather than the months it takes to keep up with the classroom pace.

Learn anywhere, on your own schedule.

Without a question, taking real estate classes online is more convenient than in a classroom.
82% of those polled stated they selected online learning because it better suited their schedule or provided greater flexibility.

Online learning allows you to study whenever and anywhere you choose.

When to Learn?

One of the most significant advantages of acquiring an online real estate license is that you may work completely on your own time.
Many people who desire to move careers to real estate already have jobs and other obligations, such as childcare.

With classroom classes, you must plan your calendar around the classroom hours, which may be difficult, especially when your other commitments need your schedule to alter at the last minute with no notice.

Online courses allow you to complete your schoolwork whenever it works best for your schedule. If life occurs and you need to take a few weeks off, you will not fall behind the rest of the class. Just take up where you left off.

You can even multi-task while learning. If your course includes audio narration, you may listen while driving or running errands. Bite-sized lessons allow you to study as you wait in line or walk the dog.

Where to Learn.

Another significant benefit of online real estate programs is the opportunity to learn from any location.
Most online students choose to learn from home, but you could also learn in your favorite coffee shop, a quiet library, or even on the beach!

Some people find noisy classrooms to be disruptive learning settings. According to Aceable, 77% of respondents preferred online learning since they had greater control over the setting.
Does it work better with music on? No issue. Do you hate fluorescent lighting? Do not turn them on. With an online class, you have control over the temperature, lighting, noise, and atmosphere. You can even learn in your pajamas, surrounded by your food nest. You have complete control over your learning environment.

If you're worried about time because you have a hectic schedule, remember that online programs let you completely bypass commute time.

Online learning is more affordable.

Because of higher overhead, classroom real estate courses are sometimes more expensive than online ones.

The facility, upkeep, and utility expenditures are the responsibility of the real estate school, which transfers these costs to the students. Additionally, taking classes in person requires a teacher, which is more expensive than having a pool of educators accessible to answer questions as required.

Because online courses are more economical for the school, online colleges are able to provide real estate courses at reduced prices.

Furthermore, savings on course costs aren't the only benefit of taking classes online. Additionally, they help you save money on classroom-related costs such as:

  • Textbooks in hard copy
  • Money for gas to and from class
  • On-campus parking costs
  • The price of child care if you had to drop the kids off at school


The cost of real estate education varies a lot depending on the state and the institution, however Aceable offers online pre-license courses in Texas for less than $500.

Are you prepared to begin your online real estate course? You don't have to wait for the next session of lessons to start or for a slot to become available. Today is the day to take the initial move!


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